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Vicky Roberts


 Vicky specialises in Meeting and Event sales and revenue and has over 20 years of experience in the Hospitality industry.

Offering Interim support and sales team training, her  relaxed, hands on approach means she and her friendly team can come into your venue, build relationships quickly and get the job done.


Vicky can help with managing enquiry demand, conversion, team training, systems training and ensuring that the hotel is offering the best customer experience possible.


See Vicky's feedback | 07813 451075


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Michelle Dix

Meeting & Events Support Executive

  With over 10 years experience in hotels, specialising in meeting and event sales, Michelle has worked with a portfolio of hotels during her career.

Working alongside Vicky, Michelle can tackle enquiry handling, conversion, training new team members and provide cover for Sales office managers and team members absences. 

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