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Keyboard and Mouse


This one to one training welcomes new starters into the company within their own office environment, allowing the sales office manager and events team to continue working without the added pressure of training their new team member.


This training gives your new team member the focused induction that they require, giving them the tools and confidence to hit the ground running and impact the business straight away.


Be Activated 

  • Overview of the Property Management System dashboard

  • Function diary, how to navigate round it 

  • Searching and creating accounts and contacts, avoiding duplication

  • Creating and searching for bookings

  • Quoting for the business

  • Managing the revenue within a booking using packages and resources

  • Working with activities and system generated task lists

  • Managing accommodation related to the event

  • Sales proposal standard

  • Contract standard

  • Pro-forma invoices and deposit payments

  • Creating and working with function sheets

  • Actualising booking revenue


Be Encouraged 

  • Enquiry handling through all sources

  • How to sell your venue using the online portals

  • Calling to convert

  • Tools to convert and ways to negotiate

  • Event planning getting the detail right, first time, every time.

  • Pre event and post event communication with the customer

  • Being proactive, identifying sales lead

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