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Property Management System Support
for hotel reservation, group, conference & event teams

Need to get more from your hotel PMS?

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Property Management System (PMS) Configuration & Support

Give your sales teams the tools to do their very best work. Updating the configuration of your systems will support your sales and event teams to work efficiently, give you the confidence to report on the business accurately, and reduces errors in communication across hotel departments.

With working knowledge of:








Smart Space

Vicky can configure your systems and train your teams on how to use them all supported with personalised user guides.

Property Management System (PMS) Installation & Migration Support

The decision to change your property management system will have been well thought out but when it comes to ensuring that the install runs smoothly its important that you have a dedicated project manager to work alongside the PMS provider.


Bringing Vicky in to act as project manager relieves the pressure on the hotel team so that they don’t lose focus on the day to day procedures, new enquiries and reservations being made whilst training and completing the live load.


Vicky will support with the following:


  • Configuration – this is an opportunity to work with a clean system so getting the data fields correct for your venues market segment is key, she will work with the PMS provider to ensure that its all signed off correct.

  • Training – the PMS provider will have training included in your quotation, Vicky will oversee this to ensure that all areas are covered, any questions raised are clarified.

  • Live loading – you will have a deadline date for new and existing reservations, meeting, event and wedding bookings to be loaded accurately into your new property management system this includes any amendments made as the live load is completed. Vicky will support and motivate the team with the daily checks and live loading of your reservations so that you are ready to go live.

  • Post live – if required, Vicky will be on property with the team to support with team queries with the system, manage any configuration changes and system errors highlighted.

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Systems Training

When we are recruiting the right person to join our team we always prefer the potential candidates to already be able to work with the systems that we subscribe to but what happens when we find the right person that doesn't have the working knowledge of our property management system.....recruit them!

Your existing teams no longer have to try manage their day, customers and workloads whilst trying to train a system, Vicky has working knowledge of multiple property management systems and third party sites to get your team member to a place where they can hit the ground running and their first three months will be all about the sales rather than getting their head around an existing system.

If you have a new recruit, impact your business today and get in touch with Vicky to talk through the support that you need.

Have questions? Speak to our team on 07813 451075.

Let's work together.

Take your event & meeting sales to the next level with our expert team.

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